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Our Partners

We are grateful for colleagues in our work on lightning research and injury prevention. Click the partners picture below for a brief biographical sketch.

Click here for Dr. Cooper's BioMary Ann Cooper,MD 

Associate Professor, Departments of Emergency Medicine and Bioengineering 

University of Illinois at Chicago  M/C 724, 471 CME, 808 South Wood Street 

Chicago, Illinois 60612-7354

e-mail: macooper@uic.edu


Click here for Jim Vavrek's BioMr. R. James Vavrek 

11608 Hawthorne St 

Cedar Lake, In 46303


e-mail: jv48@netzero.net


Click here for Ron Holle's BioMr. Ronald Holle 

Vaisala Global Atmospherics, Inc. 

2705 E. Medina Road 

Tucson, AZ 85706 


e-mail: ron.holle@vaisala.com 

website: http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/~holle/


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